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Eyes Wide Open by Jan Mark
Published by A&C Black Ltd., 2003

Would you like to find out how visits from the tooth fairy might make you a millionaire, or how a ghostly sighting in a hall of mirrors reveals a long-held family secret, or how two young cousins become lost during a magical mystery tour in the London Underground?

These are just some of the adventures contained in six witty, thought-provoking, short stories from multi-award-winning author Jan Mark.

With each short story she takes a few days or hours out of the characters’ lives and shows what’s happening to them. There’s always an event which reveals a different side to people and shows that they aren't quite what you’ve expected them to be. Sometimes, they even surprise themselves.

Six short stories make a great read for young book lovers, providing the option to dip in and out of the collection choosing from individual titles like Left Foot Forward, Eye Opener or Mystery Tour.

Writing about this great children’s author, Nicholas Tucker had the following to say in Carousel, Issue 33, Summer 2006:
“To get a renewed sense of Jan, any of her fifty or so novels will soon reveal what a true original we have now lost”

Jan Mark 1943 - 2006

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