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Christmas Book Promotion

The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey by Susan Wojciechowski
Published by Walker Books

When the widow McDowell and her son Thomas knock at the woodcarver, Jonathan Toomey's door one winter's day, they receive a frosty reception. The widow appeals to him to carve her a special set of Christmas figures. Jonathan doesn’t know it but this request will turn his life around; his life that has been solitude and despair since the death of his wife and daughter. Jonathan changes from being outwardly hard and cold to becoming once again the kind and loving man he was.

The transformation in Jonathan’s character is helped in no small way by Thomas who sits watching the woodcarver work, not realising that a miracle is occurring to warm his sad, chill heart. Day by day Jonathan comes nearer to grieving for his dead wife and son and nearer to opening his heart to others until finally he attends the Christmas service with the Widow McDowell and her son Thomas.

The combination of an excellent story by Susan Wojciechowski and stunning illustrations by P. J. Lynch makes this a classic must read for all ages.

The Chrismas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey is a past winner of The Kate Greenaway Medal for the most distinguished work in the illustration of children’s books in the U.K. and it has also won the Bisto Irish Children’s Book Award.

“A deeply moving story….. The masterly paintings have an extraordinary intensity and depth, with light and shade used to brilliant effect… This has the feel of a classic picture book.” The Daily Telegraph

“A breathtakingly beautiful book, sure to become a classic.” Junior Education

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