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Aliens Love Panta Claus by Claire Freedman


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Aliens Love Panta Claus by Claire Freedman
Published by Simon & Schuster 2010.

Aliens, Santa Claus and underpants, what more does a child need for a mischievous read at Christmas. I bet you didn’t even realise there are no underpants in space, so what’s an alien to do? Visit Earth of course and steal from us Earthlings’ clothes lines.

But it’s Christmas and instead of stealing underpants the aliens are giving them away in the true spirit of giving and sharing. They toil away in Santa’s workshop, help Santa and the elves read all your letters, wrap the toys, dress poor unsuspecting Rudolph in neon knickers and instead of hanging up Christmas stockings, you’ve guessed it they’re hanging up Christmas “pants” instead.

If you’ve had your fill of sentimental Christmas stories you’ll find a laugh out loud alternative in this one. It’s perfect for sharing and having fun with small children and you’ll notice older siblings will be drawn to it to.
This hilarious, rhyming book will delight children with its crazy colourful illustrations by Claire Freedman but beware, by Boxing Day those cheeky aliens will back doing what they do best.

Ho, Ho, Ho!!

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