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The Fall of Fergal (Unlikely Exploits 1) by Philip Ardagh
Published by Faber, 2002

This is Book One of an hilarious new trilogy by Philip Ardagh. The setting of The Fall of Fergal is an unidentified country, suffering from an unexpected outbreak of very large holes.

From the creator of the best-selling Eddie Dickens Trilogy, featuring, Awful End, Dreadful Acts and Terrible Times, The Fall of Fergal tells the story of the extraordinary changes in the fortune of the down-trodden McNally family.

The McNally children find themselves in The Dell hotel surrounded by a strange assortment of ridiculous characters including Charlie 'Twinkle Toes' Tweedy, the house detective and Mr Peach, a ventriloquist with a conveniently-large moustache. With young Fergal McNally falling to his death on page one, the only way for the McNallys is up...

Written in typically chatty Philip Ardagh style, The Fall of Fergal is full of ridiculous characters, the action rolls along at a terrific pace right to the end (or is it the end?),
Expect the unexpected with Philip Ardagh pulling out all the stops that make his fiction so unique and so absurd.

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