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Granny Torrelli Makes Soup by Sharon Creech
Published by Bloomsbury, 2003

Rosie is not at all happy with the way things are working out with her best friend Bailey from next door. But maybe she’ll consider Granny Torrelli’s advice to try to think of the good things about the person you are really angry with.

When Granny Torrelli visits and begins making soup in the big red pot, she and Rosie cook and chat through the problem sharing lots of interesting thoughts and memories in the process. They discover that they are very alike and have a stubborn streak in common. Rosie’s falling out with Bailey causes Granny to cry when she remembers a row with her childhood Italian sweetheart whom she left to follow a life of adventure in America.

The story explores the many emotions of growing up. The friendship shared by Rosie and Bailey is sometimes marred by quarrels and jealousy but progresses to an understanding by both that there’s room for lots of friends in life. Granny Torrelli not only has recipes for mouth watering Italian soup and pasta but she also has the recipe for a happy family life.

Sharon Creech is the author of Ruby Holler, winner of the Carnegie Medal in 2002.

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