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A Life Like Mine: How children live around the world
Published by Dorling Kindersley, 2002

Everyone has the right to a good life but many children lack the basic comforts of life as defined by the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child to be food, water, education, health care, loving support, safety and hope. This sad fact is made even more heart-rending when we know that they miss out on these basic provisions through no fault of their own.

In A Life Like Mine, children from all over the world comment on their lives and tell of their hopes and fears for the future. They all speak different languages, look different, and face different challenges every day but in many ways their needs and hopes are alike. Whether they come from Cuba or Colombia, Romania or Rwanda, each has a unique and uplifting story to tell.

Excellent illustrations in this bright and engaging book provide lots of opportunity for discussion as it presents information in a factual but never over-sentimental way on the dreadful consequences of war AIDS, floods and droughts. Like many Dorling Kindersley books for children it provides a clever and interesting insight into the diversity and wonder of the world and its people.

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