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Choosing Crumble by Michael Rosen

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Children's Book of the Month

Choosing Crumble by Michael Rosen
Published by Andersen, 2014

Five year old Terri-Lee goes for an interview to find out if she’s responsible enough to own a dog but when she reaches the pet-shop she doesn’t expect the dog to be interviewing her! Crumble has lots of questions to ask and boxes to tick: e.g.

How many walks will you take me on?

Do you like to dance?

Will you tickle me? I like that a lot.

Will Terri-Lee’s dance moves and answers be enough to convince Crumble that she could be his owner?

Written by Michael Rosen and illustrated by Tony Ross it is no surprise that this simple story in which words and pictures compliment each other perfectly is so entertaining and engaging.

Choosing Crumble is an amusing yet informative book for newly emerging readers up to eight years of age. It’s a good story with plenty of suspense which makes them turn page after page towards developing a love of reading.