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Alfie Green and the Conker King by Joe O’Brien

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Alfie Green and the Conker King by Joe O’Brien
Published by The O’Brien Press Ltd., 2007

Alfie and his arch rival Whacker Walsh are at loggerheads again. This time they’re on opposing teams in the school conker championships. Alfie’s mission is to find a super strong conker to help him win, because with Conor Houlihan on his team and Whacker cheating as usual, he’s at a definite disadvantage. He must travel to the home of the last great king of the conker warriors and persuade him to part with his prized possession.

This is Joe O’Brien’s sixth book in the popular Alfie Green series. These are ideal stories for newly independent readers who are making the transition from having stories read to them, to reading for themselves. They will especially appeal to boys aged six and upwards.

Alfie Green and the Conker King is action-packed, full of fantasy and fun and will strike a chord with all boys who have ever played conkers with their friends.

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