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The Thing with Finn by Tom Kelly

The Thing with Finn by Tom Kelly
Published by Macmillan Children’s Books

The Thing with Finn is a beautifully written story, dealing in a most unique and touching way with sibling bereavement. For all the gravity of the subject, Danny’s coming to terms with the death of his twin brother offers plenty to smile about. Young readers are presented with an opportunity to look at death, events leading up to it and its aftermath through the eyes of a ten-year-old boy.

In the early chapters of the book, Danny, who is having great difficulty coping with the thought that he is responsible for his brother’s death seems to be a definite trouble-maker. Only later in the story do we realise why he’s stopped talking and why he’s compelled to put a brick through Old Grundy’s window and why, in an effort at self-discovery he embarks on a physical and emotional journey away from home.

Short chapters written in a quirky style and interspersed with lists, come with plenty of footnotes, all in a style to immediately engage the reader’s attention from the very first page.

Tom Kelly’s debut novel, The Thing with Finn, is an excellent Summer read.

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