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The Silver Notebook by Enda Wyley

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Children's Book of the Month

The Silver Notebook by Enda Wyley
Published by the O’Brien Press, 2007

Timothy Finn is a boy with two dreams and a mystery to solve. He has no father or so he thinks. He has been given to believe that he walked away from him and his mother just before his birth.

But a silver notebook arrives out of the blue on Timothy’s birthday and his life changes forever. The notebook is a gift from his father. But who is his father, and why has he suddenly entered Timothy's life? Does the mysterious man in the woods hold the answer to Timothy’s two dreams – to find his father and to become a writer. With the help of his best friend Fleur, Timothy sets out to uncover the riddle of his past.

Clues throughout the story that allow the reader to try to solve the mystery of Timothy’s past, make this first full-length novel by Enda Wyley, well worth reading by children aged 10 and over.

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