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The Great Ice-Cream Heist by Elen Caldecott


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The Great Ice-Cream Heist by Elen Caldecott
Published by Bloomsbury, 2013.

Those McIntyres are nothing but trouble. Eva’s Dad says they’re a “problem” family. When they move in next door to Eva it’s the first exciting thing to happen in ages.

Eva spends her time at Gran’s when she’s not at school and Dad is gone to work but Gran is concerned that she needs to spend time with kids her own age. She insists she join the local Youth Centre Project because it’s “good for her.” Right! Eva thinks, like muesli and bread with bits in!

Next door, Jamie McIntyre spends lots of time on the shed roof ignoring the mayhem coming from his unconventional family below. He’s also told by his social worker (whose voice is sarcasm central), that it would be good for him to join the Project. He and Eva find themselves in the same group and their friendship begins.

Their friendship is tested by Eva’s dad forbidding her to have anything to do with Jamie and to an extent, by society’s perception of his family, but it triumphs when Eva proves that Jamie is not the person who vandalised the local park.

After a mad dash in a “borrowed” ice-cream van Eva and her friends bring about Jamie’s return home from residential care in the most exciting risk she’s ever taken in her life.

This is a funny adventure story, a great holiday read for children, with an underlying message about being brave enough to stick up for your friends.

Perfect for Jacqueline Wilson fans (Bookseller)

Funny . . . poignant . . . hilarious (Julia Donaldson, Guardian)

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