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The Powers by Kevin Stevens

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Children's Book of the Month

The Powers by Kevin Stevens
Published by Little Island, 2013

Meet the Powers – the not-so-super superheroes. The opening lines of Chapter 1 set the scene. Dad’s hair’s on fire Again. Mum sorts it by creating a cloudburst indoors and Pucker has “become a blurred, barking circle, teeth gnashing wildly an inch from his tail.” There’s also Suzie’s brother, JP who can actually fly but moves in whirlwinds crashing into everything in sight when he forget he needs to go outdoors to take off.

When they go on holiday, the family makes a pact to shelve their superpowers and take a break. But when the Ford Fiasco breaks down, an ancient treasure map is found in their caravan and a pirate ship sails into the bay, what are they to do?

Two suspicious sailors convince the Powers that pirates are plotting their return to the town, and the Powers plan to take a break goes out the window. Only poor ordinary Suzie, whose family is sure she has no superpowers at all, (of course they’re wrong) can keep things under control and save the day.

The Powers is the ultimate fun summer read for children aged approximately 7 and upwards. A perfectly-paced adventure story it will charm young readers.

Don't forget to check out The Powers website at, to read Suzie’s blog, see the Powers animation and hear the theme tune! Upload your own superhero artwork, download printable activities and learn more about the not-so-super superheroes.