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The Legend of Spud Murphy

The Legend of Spud Murphy by Eoin Colfer
Published by The Penguin Group, 2004

Since the day Dad arrived home to find three of his sons and four strangers covered in war paint, swinging from the kitchen curtains, all warriors have been banned from the house. Bad as that may seem for Will, Marty; his elder brother feels he has really been hard done by. The punishment particularly affects him because he’s so popular, but let’s face it; Will’s best friend is his Action Man.

Marty and Will cannot believe it when their parents come up with what they think is a brilliant idea to keep the boys amused during the Summer holidays.

Marty and Will must join the library. But only children know the real Mrs Murphy, the librarian. Only they know she has a gas-powered spud gun under the desk to shoot noisy kids with.

Through a slow process of daring to move off the thin carpet square assigned by Spud to children and venturing into the adult library to borrow a book, Marty and Will discover a love of reading and also that Spud is not the fearsome ninja librarian, they thought she was.

Written in a style that will appeal to younger readers, The Legend of Spud Murphy has enough humour, enhanced by hilarious ink sketches by Tony Ross, to appeal to older children and adults as well.

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