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Robbery for Rascals

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Children's Book of the Month

Master Crook’s Crime Academy Book 2
Robbery for Rascals
byTerry Deary
Published by Scholastic, 2009.

Just when you thought Terry Deary had written every Horrible History imaginable, and wondered what might be yet to come from this bestselling author, you will find an exciting new series in much the same format in his new Master Crook’s Crime Academy books.

Robbery for Rascals, Book 2 of the hilarious Crime Academy escapades is set in 1837, when “Fat Prince Edward takes the throne from his deceased mother Queen Victoria.

Having completed his work and sent dozens of innocent people to jail, cruel Judge Fumble stops to rest at his country mansion. However he is concerned about the safety of the Fumble fortune on the journey home...

On the other side of town, the students of the world's first Crime Academy are getting set for another lesson in crime - this time from the greatest highway robber Wildpool has ever seen.

How will this impact on the Fumble family fortune?

Master Crook’s Crime Academy in the bleak, blustery and barbarous town of Wildpool is a school where scoundrels save the day and where children learn to cheat, boys to burgle and girls to gurgle!

Readers aged 8 or 9 and upwards are in for a real treat in these books that are entertaining, easy to read and almost unnoticeably offering a real chance to learn about history in Dickensian England.

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