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Walter Speazlebud by David Donohue
Published by O’Brien Press, 2002

Having trouble with spellings at school? Are you a dreamer who prefers to look out the classroom window and imagine all sorts of adventure instead of listening to teacher? Walter Speazlebud is the person to show you how to turn both of these habits to your advantage.

Walter Speazlebud is an ordinary boy - with extraordinary powers. He lives with his slightly odd parents and oversized ginger cat in an average-sized housing estate in a small town. Walter sees words in a different way and he is a whiz at spelling backwards.

He also has the power of Noitanigami (Imagination) – he can make people, and animals, go backwards in time – two skills he inherited from his favourite person, his grandfather.

So when his horrible teacher, Mr Strong, starts picking on Walter, he had better watch out. And so had the even more horrible class bully, Danny Biggles. Because when Speazlebud’s about, it spells elbuort for all bullies …

Praise for Walter Speazlebud"

'A very simple story but brilliantly written. I would be amazed if this wasn't a bestseller'
Pat Boran, The Pat Kenny Show

'A highly imaginative and funny read'
The Sunday Tribune

'A sparkling book'
The Irish Times

O’Brien Press http://www.obrien.ie

You will find Walter Speazlebud in the Junior Fiction section of Clare County Libraries. It is a Red Flag book from O’Brien Press and is ideally suited to children aged 8+.

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