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The Giant Jam Sandwich by Johen Vernon Lord and Janet Burroway

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Children's Book of the Month

The Giant Jam Sandwich by John Vernon Lord and Janet Burroway
Published by Red Fox Picture Books, 2010

This rhyming children’s picture book tells the story of the town of Itching Down which has become the home to four million wasps. The clever villagers decide to build a giant jam sandwich to trap them and in telling the tale of how they do it, the publisher delights young children and provides lots of fun and happy memories of childhood reading for their parents too.

This new edition of the classic story is just as well received by parents today as it was on first publication thirty years ago. The story is “jam” packed with exciting adventure as it propels quickly along by virtue of the cleverly rhymed couplets. Little listeners will revel in the story about baking a giant loaf of bread and spreading its slices with truckfuls of butter and jam. Like all good picture books it ends on a happy note with the wasps never returning to Itching Down “which is not a waspish sort of town.”

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