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Parvana's Journey by Deborah Ellis
Published by Oxford University Press 2002

Parvana’s Journey tells the story of a young refugee, traveling alone across a war-ridden Afghanistan in an attempt to find her family. This novel tells the human story behind the headlines.

A sequel to The Breadwinner, a book which paints a vivid picture of one family’s life under Taliban rule Parvana’s Journey is an engrossing and deeply moving story about a child reacting courageously to difficult events.

Parvana is alone. Her father is dead and her mother and sisters are missing. As her travels continue, Parvana and her new found friends encounter loneliness, hunger and the ever-present danger of hidden land mines.

The author Deborah Ellis dedicates the book “to children we force to be braver than they should have to be.” A few years ago she visited the refugee camps in Pakistan. The stories she heard and the children she met in those camps were the inspiration for both The Breadwinner and Parvana’s Journey.

Parvana’s Journey was listed as a one of this year’s World Book Day Super Reads and is available in the Senior Fiction section of all Clare library branches.

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