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Here, There and Everywhere by Liz Weir
Published by The O’Brien Press, 2005

Liz Weir is an internationally known storyteller from Co. Antrim who travels the globe telling stories to adults and children. Her new book explores the many stories Liz has grafted onto her repertoire from her travels and meetings with storytellers from around the world.

‘Here there and everywhere’ is a delightful collection of nine entertaining and simply told stories. You will recognise old favourites such as ‘The King with Horse’s Ears’ and almost certainly discover new ones. The stories are rich in the trappings of traditional tales with a sprinkling of magical creatures and a strong moral tone with the good, the kind and the overlooked triumphing while the vain, the foolish and the selfish get their just desserts.

Among my favourites was ‘The Lion and the Rabbit’, in which brains triumph over brawn. The Lion, who catches and gobbles up animals “like you and I might go for a take-away”, is tricked into falling down a well by his intended prey.

In ‘Mother Owl’s Revenge’, the vain skunk rues the day he tangled with the owl family and is forced to swap his long silky fur for his present day look and smell.

Other stories answer questions as diverse as what the sky would taste like or why your dog’s nose is always cold and wet and was the snow always white?

The author’s experience and skill as a storyteller shines through in a collection of stories crying out to be read aloud to younger children but which will also appeal to older, more independent readers aged 6 plus who are just learning to read for themselves.

Clare County Library is pleased to welcome Liz Weir, who will be reading from her new book ‘Here, there and everywhere’ in four of our branch libraries on May 9th and May 13th.

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