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Adam's Starling by Gillian Perdue
Published by O'Brien Press, 2001

Any child who has been picked on or bullied at school will identify with Adam, the hero in this book. Read how Adam, a shy but clever nine year old boy who has quite a lot to cope with at home, finds courage through the help of his unusual friend, a starling to deal with bullies, Shane, PJ and Rory. When all three contrive to trap Adam's starling in the classroom and cause it to fly into a closed window, Adam can take no more and launches his attack on them. He startles even himself when he finally finds the strength to voice the words, "I'm not scared of you anymore" to Rory Brennan.

Gillian Perdue has been working as a primary teacher for fifteen years. She is an active member of Children's Books Ireland and was chairperson of the Bisto Book Awards 1999-2000. This is her first book.

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