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The Quigleys by Simon Mason
Published by Corgi Yearling Books, 2001

Page One of The Quigleys provides us with a brief synopsis of the whole family before the book divides into four chapters named after each member; Dad, Lucy, Mum and Will. Each chapter is a self-contained story full of their zany antics.

Lucy is the bridesmaid who wants to dress as a bee. Will only wants a Harpy Eagle for Christmas, Dad only wants to watch football in peace and Mum - well who cares what Mum wants?

Children will identify with the tales of Mum, Dad, Will and Lucy. Written in a witty and original manner they are recognizable for every modern family, to adults and children alike.

"Wonderful snapshot of the chaos and joys of family life" The Guardian

"Huge fun...It's reassuring too and shows that even families who drive each other bonkers love each other." Sunday Times

"A very funny book. Watch out for more from The Quigleys." The Bookseller

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