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Niteracy Hour by John Dougherty
Published by Young Corgi, 2005

Told from the point of view of a newly hatched head-louse this unique story has enough humour and action to appeal to children aged seven or eight.

The facts about head lice are very cleverly presented in an informative way. The problem of bullying in the school yard is explored through the character of Duncan who is not at all liked by the rather unusual narrator, Jim. Duncan is just one of the many interesting characters in the book.

Young readers get an added bonus of hearing about the Classic story of Treasure Island as interpreted by Jim the head-louse who can’t wait to hear more and more of it from his sheltered locations in Lizzy’s William’s or Gregory’s hair in the classroom.

Young Corgi books are ideal for beginner readers. Advertised as “books to get your teeth into” they present the newly independent reader with just the right amount of picture and text to encourage continued reading. Seven short chapters in this story help them feel a sense of achievement when they reach the end of each one, helping them on their way to the end of the book.

Selected as the editor’s choice in this year’s children’s book festival recommended reading guide in the age five to eight category, Niteracy Hour is described as follows:
“It’s a great example of the quirky humour young readers enjoy and the range of characters is very entertaining. Much of the action takes place at school and this really does draw a reader in. Highly recommended but perhaps not for the very squeamish though!” BOOKFEST 2005.

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