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Marley: A Dog Like No Other by John Grogan






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Marley: A Dog Like No Other by John Grogan
Published by HarperCollins Children’s Books, 2007

John Grogan’s first book, Marley & Me is a number one, international bestseller.
Marley: A Dog Like No Other is a specially adapted children’s version.

Marley, named after his owner’s favourite reggae musician is a yellow furball of a puppy who quickly grows into a large, rowdy Labrador retriever.

He is constantly in trouble, whether crashing around inside and outside, causing absolute mayhem, drooling on guests, or attacking the leaf piles in the garden. Some may say he's the World's Worst Dog! But anyone who reads the book will agree he’s also the world’s most adorable dog. Apart from your own maybe!

Anyone who already owns a puppy will look forward to endless fun with their dog, as he grows, and for anyone who hasn’t yet had a dog, reading this book will definitely inspire them to get one.

Through his larger-than-life, fun-loving personality, Marley teaches us to enjoy the little pleasures in life. Despite his wreaking havoc on the entire household, the fantastic experience he has given the Grogan family is the very reason for their decision to look for an immediate replacement when Marley grows old.

A selection of full colour photographs chart Marley’s development from puppy to old dog at the center of the book and each well laid out chapter carries a paw print on the first line. These features add to the story to make the book an absolute treasure to be read by children aged seven or eight upwards.

Bad Dog Marley! the children’s picture book, is also available for borrowing from library branches.

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