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Diabolic Downloads by Jim Halligan

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Children's Book of the Month

Diabolic Downloads by Jim Halligan
Published by The O’Brien Press, 2008

Everybody is thrilled when Nicky Nixxon from the Nixxter Express new phone shop on Main Street starts giving away free ringtones. Not only that, they’re giving away free, cool screensavers and wallpaper as well. What could be better than free downloads of ringtones and pictures for your phone? This is brilliant.

But not for Jack Keely. Jack’s phone is a wreck and is a huge cause of embarrassment for him especially when it’s discovered and scoffed at by the class bully, Ross Lacy, Ross the Boss.

But some gifts can come with strings attached. Jack soon finds out just how diabolic a free download can really be. When weird things happen to his friends who took up Nicky Nixxon’s offers, Jack is very lucky that his banjaxed phone can’t take them and he becomes the only person who can save the day.

Jim Halligan is a teacher who has written a number of children’s books. It’s clear that his constant contact with young people and his familiarity with their language and thinking is what makes this book an excellent read for children who can read by themselves.

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