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Once Upon A Place by Eoin Colfer

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Once Upon A Place compiled by Eoin Colfer
Published by Little Island Books, 2015

Once upon a Place is a collection of stories from many of Ireland’s finest children’s writers including Roddy Doyle, Derek Landy and former Laureate na nÓg Siobhán Parkinson. It also features six poems by Irish poets. This gem of a book for children (and adults) also features a first ever story for children by Academy Award nominee Jim Sheridan. Laureate na nÓg Eoin Colfer himself, Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick, Paula Leyden, Oisín McGann, Sarah Webb and Enda Wyley are just some of the amazing authors for children to have their stories included.

The aim of Eoin Colfer’s laureateship is to connect places and stories and to emphasize the importance of place in all good stories. This, he undoubtedly achieved in the storytelling projects that have taken place to date in fantastic locations, in extraordinary settings from Dublin to Donegal, Wexford to Clare and in many other memorable places all over Ireland.

The book is a captivating read for anyone over 9 years of age who appreciates a good story and they are guaranteed to be further rewarded by the stunning black-and-white charcoal illustrations of award-winning artist and picturebook illustrator P.J. Lynch.

Royalties from the book will go towards the Laureate na nÓg project, which aims to raise the profile of children’s literature in Ireland and internationally and to introduce high quality children’s books to new audiences.

‘This book is a gift that could be given to any child of any age, the younger kids could be read to. But it’s also a gift we should buy for ourselves. Rarely does one find such a rainbow of outstanding talent in one little book, one truly exceptional anthology.’

The Sunday Independent