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Terrible Times: Book Three of the Eddie Dickens Trilogy by Philip Ardagh
Published by
Faber & Faber Limited, 2002

Terrible Times opens with a with a message from the author to reassure the reader if it’s the first Eddie Dickens book encountered there’s no need for panic. Each book is a self-contained adventure. This is the third book in the trilogy. The other two, Awful End and Dreadful Acts have both been short listed for book awards.

The erstwhile hero of Philip Ardagh’s trilogy, Eddie Dickens finds himself en-route to North America in the dubious care of professional chaperone Lady Constance Bustles, whose previous employees have all died from not so natural causes. He finds himself sharing a berth with disreputable prospectors, some familiar faces from his past, and with the Great Gretcha who suffers from serious bouts of sleeping sickness.

If you enjoyed the hilarious adventures of Eddie in the first two books you will not be disappointed in this, the third. He’s back with madder than ever, Aunt Maud who’s on a mission for shiny things, with Malcolm the stuffed stoat at her side and Horatio Skrimshank, captain of the Pompous Pig.

Terrible Times has been described as ‘Sophisticated….extremely silly….turning nonsense into a fine art’ The Sunday Telegraph

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