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The New Policeman by Kate Thompson
Published by Bodley Head Children’s Books, 2005

Winner of The Guardian Children's Book Prize 2005

The New Policeman is set in Kinvara, the home of the award-winning author, Kate Thompson. The story features 15 year old JJ, as its central character who visits the land of eternal youth, in search of Time. With this gift he hopes to give his mother, Helen Liddy, who constantly yearns for more time, the perfect birthday present.

Kate Thompson successfully and credibly merges two very different eras with JJ’s visit to Tír na nÓg. Beginning with a rumour he hears in the school playground that his great-grandfather was a murderer, JJ is led into a mythical and magical world.

An accomplished fiddle player, JJ's knowledge of music helps him to understand how time is escaping between the two worlds, and it also makes him feel quite comfortable conversing with Aengus and his friends in Tír na nÓg. The fairy magic that JJ finds when he arrives in Tír na nÓg lends itself to some philosophical discussion by the author about time and the different effects of its passing on adults and children.

Mystery, adventure, fantasy and music – Thompson’s novel has them all.

Kate Thompson is three times winner of the Bisto Book of the Year Award for her novels The Beguilers, The Alchemist’s Apprentice, and Annan Water.

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