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Junie B. Jones… is on her way! by Barbara Park

Junie B. Jones… is on her way! by Barbara Park
Published by Chicken House, 2006

Barabara Park has created a series of stories for readers as young as 5 that will appeal to all new school goers and their parents. Junie B. Jones is an ideal book for reading out loud to a Junior Infant class and is also ideal for building reading confidence for beginners.

Five-year-old Junie B will give little readers the opportunity to think and talk about issues such as getting the bus to school, learning to become part of a big group and adapting to school “which is where you go to meet new friends and not watch TV.”

Junie B tells her story in the first person narrative so she is speaking directly to you from start to finish which is a big plus for young children and the story is consistently humourous throughout. She is a totally modern child, full of vivacity and never shy of declaring her views.

Junie B. never puts a foot wrong – usually it’s a whole leg! She’s the funniest, bravest, truest small girl ever. Barry Cunningham, Publisher, The Chicken House

If you would like to read the further adventures of Junie B you can choose from:
Junie B Jones and a little monkey business
Junie B Jones and her big fat mouth or
Junie B Jones and some sneaky peeky spying

all available from the Children’s Junior Fiction selection in Clare County Library branches.

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