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The Harvest Tide Project by Oisín McGann
Published by The O’Brien Press Ltd., 2004

Teenagers Taya and Lorkrin are Myunans, a race of shape shifters, with a knack for finding trouble. When they accidentally release a botanist working on the top-secret Harvest Tide Project, they find themselves mixed up in a plot by the war-like Noranians who are intent on taking over the neighbouring country of Braskhia by the foulest means. Taya and Lorkrin are thrown together with, and reluctantly helped by, a warrior, a scent- seller, and their uncle Emos but will they find a way to sabotage the Harvest Tide Project and save the day?

The Harvest Tide Project is a fantasy book but one that does not take itself too seriously and contains plenty of comic scenes and laughs. The author has created an entirely believable world and the book is immensely readable, even for those who would not normally be fans of this type of writing. The book is full of daring rescues, narrow escapes and edge-of-your-seat chases so that the pace of the story never lets up.

If you enjoy reading this book, keep your eyes open for Under Fragile Stone, the second book in The Archisan Tales series following the adventures of Taya and Lorkrin Archisan, which will be available soon.

Clare County Library is pleased to announce that Oisín McGann will visit five of our branch libraries on Tuesday 18th and Wednesday 19th of October as part of this year’s Children’s Book Festival Programme.

“ a challenging and enjoyable read” (Inis, the Children’s Books Ireland Magazine).

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