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One World Our World

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Children's Book of the Month

One World Our World
Published by Irish Aid, 2009

One World Our World is a beautiful publication written for children by Grace Wells on behalf of Irish Aid. Irish Aid is a division of the Department of Foreign Affairs and is the Government's programme of overseas development assistance.

Through this book children will learn about Irish Aid’s work in the featured countries where the organisation strives to provide better healthcare, works on improving the quality of education and provides training and advising on crop growth and harvesting.

Suitable for 10-12 year olds it is written in the words of 5 young children from Losotho, Mozambique, Ethiopa, Vietnam and Tanzania. Each of these countries is presented in a lively and colourful manner that will grab the interest of young readers as well as informing them of the work that Irish Aid does in each one.

The account of each child’s life in his or her country showcases all that’s good about their lives while also presenting the facts about the unfortunate problems that exist for ordinary people.

Facts pages on each country provide interesting information about development, culture, society and the environment, making the book an excellent resource for geography lessons in 5th and 6th class.

The book is 26 pages with full colour illustrations throughout and a useful
colour- coded glossary at the end.

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