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Fighting Ruben Wolfe by Marcus Zusak

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Teenage Book of the Month

Fighting Ruben Wolfe by Marcus Zusak
Published by Scholastic, 2001.

Set in Australia Fighting Ruben Wolfe, tells the story of how two brothers, Cameron and Ruben Wolfe used their talents as boxers to save their family from financial ruin. When their proud father loses his job the lads realise that fighting will pay the bills.

In a young adult book market that is currently saturated with vampires, horror and fantasy, Zusak’s book is a refreshing teenage read depicting the realities of ordinary family life.
Action-packed fight scenes are balanced by many underlying themes such as the powerful bonds that exist in families and also between brothers. It is also a book about growing up, relationships with the opposite sex and a fierce sense of duty felt by both, to defend their family.

“Stylistically and particularly in its use of the short, forceful sentence, the novel is – well – a knockout.” Robert Dunbar, The Irish Times Weekender Review, March 27th .

The best-selling novel, The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak is also available from Clare County Library branches.