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There Is No Dog by Meg Rosoff

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Teenage Book of the Month

There Is No Dog by Meg Rosoff
Published by Penguin, 2011.

What if God were a teenage boy?

Through general apathy and a lack of serious applicants the successful candidate for the job of God is chosen through a game of poker. Even at that, the winner turned over the prize to Bob, her feckless teenage son, whose sidekick known as Mr. B is a disgruntled middle-aged candidate only shortlisted because he’s the best of a bad lot. Mr. B becomes even more unhappy when he discovers that Bob/God has created an entire race in the image of his own, skinny, arrogant, dimwit self.

Lucy loves her job at the zoo. Life is good but could be better if true love were to come her way. Little does she know that since she’s prayed for help in finding Mr. Right her every move is under surveillance from on High.

The book now takes a new direction and the plot is given over to Bob's wooing of Lucy. Who can resist a god after all?
Both are smitten to the point of obsession and much of the book is given over to the trails and tribulations of intense young love.

Because god is a feckless, lazy, teenage boy you can only imagine what an all-consuming obsession might mean for the rest of creation. Chaos and disaster follow. Incessant rain for days is instantly replaced with scorching heat and Earth is in serious trouble.

Love or hate this latest book suited to older teens, from the award-winning Meg Rosoff you will definitely have a laugh while reading it.

Her first novel How I Live Now won the guardian Children’s Fiction Prize. Her second novel, Just In Case won the Carnegie Medal in 2007 and What I Was, her third novel, was shortlisted for the same award and was highly commended. Her name is never far from the top of the teenage books bestseller lists.