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She is Not Invisible by Marcus Sedgwick

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She is Not Invisible by Marcus Sedgwick
Published by Orion, 2013

Sixteen-year-old Laureth Peak secretly buys tickets for herself and her younger brother to fly to New York to trace their missing father. Her dad has been acting strange and Laureth is worried about him. Her mother’s indifference to his disappearance further incites her to find him.

Not only does Laureth have an unusual name, it is also unusual that she’s blind and about to embark on what would be a mammoth task for anyone. Her little brother Benjamin whom she needs for practical reasons and who effectively become her eyes, accompanies her on her quest. She must discover where Jack Peak might be and allay her fears that he is suffering from a psychosis which blinds him to the most important things in his life, including his family.

Her Dad has taught Laureth to look for recurring events, patterns and numbers. Will his obsession with coincidence have fatal consequences?

Family relationships are at the heart of this story; the relationship between Laureth and her “slightly strange” seven-year-old brother Benjamin, the relationship between their father and both his children. Can the children understand the coincidences as they unfold and use their father’s obsessions to unravel the mystery of his vanishing?

Will Laureth and Benjamin survive in New York, a city full of dangerous connections and at times, terrifying darkness? Laureth follows the only clue she has, her father’s notebook and it, along with her dogged determination and a trail of emails from the mysterious Mr. Walker make the story of her journeys and investigations one that will have you read this book in one sitting.