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Piper by Meg Harper

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Teenage Book of the Month

Piper by Meg Harper
Published by Usborne Publishing Ltd., 2007

Tanith is an orphan who has just arrived in a dangerous city. Leaving her gran behind to die, as they had both agreed, she leaves the tiny farmhouse where they had squatted, to make a life for herself in the nearest city. With just her faithful wolfhound to keep her company, she leaves, to escape the Cratz, the aristocrats, autocrats and bureaucrats who will find her if she stays.

Crow is the leader of the street kids in the city and fights to save them all from being snatched and even killed by evil traders. A gang of ragtag kids depend on him for survival. But Crow hides an unnerving secret, which is the real reason the children follow him so blindly.

Tanith also has a secret, a mysterious story told to her by her grandmother, which has haunted their family for generations. Tanith’s secret is the reason for her fight for survival as a street child in this treacherous city, living on the edge and cast out by society.

Tanith and Crow are drawn to each other by their very different missions which unknown to them draw them together. This book has all the ingredients of a good teenage novel. It is a compelling journey of survival, loyalty and enchantment.