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The Prince of Mist by Carlos Ruis Zafón

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Teenage Book of the Month

The Prince of Mist by Carlos Ruis Zafón
Published by Weidenfeld and Nicholson, 2010

The Prince of Mist stayed at the top of the Spanish book charts for two years and is now translated into English for the first time. Mystery, thrills, suspense, it’s all here in this haunting story that will appeal to teenage and adult readers who are fans of Stephen King or Neil Gaiman. The exploits of the central character, Max and his family produce a spell-binding sense of unease that will propel the reader from page to page.

Max’s father - a watchmaker decides to move his family to a small town on the Atlantic coast. Moving into a house that was abandoned in sad circumstances when the previous owners’ son was drowned may not result in the idyllic future he envisages for his family.

Behind the house is an overgrown garden full of statues. Max is drawn to a six-pointed star which tops the surrounding metal fence. This symbol will appear again and again throughout the story when Max, his friend Roland and members of his family are in grave danger.

Max and Roland become firm friends and through this friendship, everyone they’re close to suffers unimaginable havoc and horror wreaked on them by the Prince of Mists. Just as Max is drawn to the sinister past behind his present surroundings you, the reader will be drawn into this story from the very beginning.

"The first book from the Shadow of the Wind author - published in English at last - is an atmospheric thriller following a young hero as he explores his new house in the country. Described as a cross between Stephen King and Neil Gaiman, it proves young adult fiction can be as gripping as the adult version." Times Educational Supplement 21st May 2010