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The Real Rebecca by Anna Carey

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Teenage Book of the Month

The Real Rebecca by Anna Carey

Rebecca Rafferty’s mother has ruined her life. Again.
She’s taken a different turn from her usual writing of boring books for grown-ups. This time she's written one about an awful girl who’s the same age as Rebecca and everyone thinks it's her.

Everyone including the boy who delivers Rebecca’s newspapers, aka Paperboy, aka the most gorgeous boy in the whole world. Rebecca doesn’t even know his name but each cherished conversation with him causes her to fall deeper and deeper in love with him.

Oh, the shame of all this! And if things weren’t bad enough, the biggest pain in Rebecca’s class wants to use her 'fame' from the pesky book to get herself on a reality show.

Rebecca has got to show everyone the REAL Rebecca. But how?

Written in diary form for younger teens The Real Rebecca was recently described in The Irish Times Weekend Review as a “funny light-hearted romp” This first book by Anna Carey has been credited with being bang up to date, getting the details of adolescence just right and has been praised for quite simply being brilliantly funny.