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Prim Improper by Deirdre Sullivan

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Teenage Book of the Month

Prim Improper by Deirdre Sullivan
Published by Little Island, 2010.

Prim Improper is a hilarious yet touching novel for young teens.

Primrose Leary has just started secondary school. Her closest friends are her pet rat Roderick and Joel, the boy she has been friends with forever.

Her world has changed since her mum died. She’s had to suffer the “feeling sorry for her” looks from her classmates and teachers and even worse she now has to talk about her feelings to Dr. call-me-Triona whom she describes as the queen of bland.
Her dislikes include living with Fintan her moustachioed dad and the fact that Joel’s chosen a different secondary school to go to without her.

Primrose speaks directly to the reader giving a true and accurate evaluation of life as seen through the eyes of a 13-year-old.
It is cleverly written, in parts hilarious, whilst dealing with serious issues.

Prim Improper is the debut novel from Deirdre Sullivan and has been shortlisted for the Bisto Book of the Year Award.

Described by Siobhan Parkinson as “A writer with a spar kling talent … her first novel for young teens is even more hilarious and touching than I could possibly have imagined,”

Deirdre Sullivan is a new writer of teenage fiction not to be ignored.