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Thirteen by Tom Hoyle

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Teenage Book of the Month

Thirteen by Tom Hoyle
Published by Macmillan, 2014

Adam was born on the stroke of midnight on the new millennium in London. Horrifyingly, babies born at this exact time are being murdered by a crazy cult leader, who will stop at nothing to launch his new kingdom.

Adam is his last target. Twelve boys have been killed so far. And the death of Coron’s last victim will be celebrated by a bombing spectacular across London. Different typefaces alternate in this book depending on whether we are reading about Adam or we are in the Headquarters of Coron’s cult.

Coron is an insane character, cunning and calculating while Adam and his friends are ordinary teenagers battling to escape his relentless pursuit.

Thirteen is a gripping thriller with a sequel to follow that will appeal to young male readers. Ideally suited to boys in the young to mid-teen years, it is written in a similar vein to Robert Muchamore’s Cherub series.

Fast-paced and brimming with action, menace and suspense, Thirteen is a truly gripping and gritty thriller. (Lancashire Evening Post)

Tom Hoyle is the headmaster of a North London boys' school. Thirteen is his first book, and the start of a series. He says 'I wanted every chapter to be dramatic and engaging, the literary equivalent of a modern action film, something that even the most reluctant readers in my English class would want to pick up.'