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Into the Grey by Celine Kiernan

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Into the Grey by Celine Kiernan.
Published by The O’Brien Press, 2011.

Patrick Finnerty is a fifteen year old twin who is powerless to stop the imminent death of his brother unless he can remember a dream between this world and the next, within the Grey. No one else can see that Patrick’s twin Dominic has been stolen by a ghost and that he must struggle fiercely to control his own body.

Knowing how crazy it sounds Patrick’s task is to save his brother from death while their family are totally unaware of the imminent danger.

After moving with his entire family to a temporary home because of a fire, a series of frightening nighttime events begin which are linked to the struggles of the previous inhabitants of the house. An evil goblin-boy now targets them seeing them as more like himself. Patrick thinks this is because the fire changed him and Dom. Up to then they were normal, stupid, happy boys but no more. He knows the solution lies between this world and the next, within the Grey where he is terrified of entering.

Celine Kiernan was announced the winner of the CBI Book of the Year Award on the 28th of May 2012. At the awards ceremony the judges said, “Following the lives of two fifteen-year-old twins, this imaginative and empathetic supernatural thriller coalesces past and present to explore the complexities of fraternal love and the pain of loss.”