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BZRK by Michael Grant

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Teenage Book of the Month

BZRK by Michael Grant
Published by Electric Monkey, 2012

If you like a book that launches you straight into the action try this one from the author of the best-selling young adult series GONE. In an unnoticeable global war two hidden belief systems are battling for victory and this is happening inside the human body!

Noah Cotton and Sadie McLure need answers to questions; who murdered Sarah’s father and brother and who drove Noah’s brother insane? Their search for answers takes them to the domain of microscopic warrior nanos that attack and destroy each other just as their controlling games players do.

Sadie’s Dad was a billionaire scientific genius. After his death she is contacted by BZRK as is Noah whose older brother is severely mentally disturbed on his return from army service.

Both are chosen to take on the mission of destroying BZRK’s opposition, Siamese twins who share one body and who are the root of an evil process using nano technology to infest world leaders.

A thriller, a horror story and a fantasy novel all in one, this is a real page turner which delivers escapism at its best.