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Wilderness by Roddy Doyle

Teenage Book of the Month

Wilderness by Roddy Doyle
Published by Scholastic, 2007

Grainne's Mother disappeared years ago when her parents were divorced, and she moved to the U.S. Now, bafflingly, she's reappeared and wants to meet. What could she be up to?

To get out of the way of this mysterious reunion, Grainne's half-brothers, Johnny and Tom, go with their mother, Sandra, on an 'adventure holiday' in Finland. But before they're more than a few days into the snowy north, the boys are separated from Sandra, taking impossible risks to save her life. Wilderness is part-adventure, part-family drama with a charm that's typically Roddy Doyle.

‘Emotionally intelligent fiction about what family means’
Bookseller Children’s Buyer’s Guide. July 2007

Roddy Doyle has written several books for adults, many of them, award-winners.
His books for young readers include, The Giggler Treatment, Rover Saves Christmas and The Meanwhile Adventures.

Wilderness is his first book for young adults.

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