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County Clare 2020: A Day in My Life
Creative Writing Competition for children and teenagers
Highly Commended 10 to 12 category

Clare 2020, A Day in My Life
by Cara Lawlor

This Story begins just after lunch. Corona virus was here, millions of people are sick and dying , and we are in lock down. When I finished my homework like every other day I sat in my room reading the 5th Harry Potter book for the 2nd time round. I became very sleepy and my eyes began to close……..

Before I knew it I was awake again but I wasn’t on my chair. I was lying on a hard red surface. I got up, still dazed and walked around. “I must be on a different planet ” I thought. A sense of foreboding came over me .Then I seen the two big blue eyes looking right at me. I stared for a minute wondering was it an animal or was I seeing things??

“Hello I’m Cara” I said cautiously. It said nothing. It looked like a bizarre creature from outer space . “W h a t a r e y o u??” I asked slowly. After staring he finally exclaimed “ I am Zorb and I am an alien!”

“Nice to meet you Zorb, can you tell me where I am” I asked. “This is Planet Toot Toe Tu” explained Zorb . So I was on a different planet and how was I going to get home??? Then Zorb said “follow me ,I will show you my home” . “Ok” I said.
On the long walk we talked about his alien city, how lovely it was and how friendly everyone is . He explained how there was an evil virus alien called the Corona virus trying to take over Toot Toe Tu. I was stunned and told him about earth and how the corona virus had infected us and killed so many people. “Well I’m not surprised” said Zorb “they are infecting every planet at the moment. Oh look,here we are!”

I suddenly found myself in an amazing city of towering buildings. Everything was futuristic and technological. I stared in astonishment at the mini spaceships hovering above the roads and aliens just like Zorb everywhere . They were green with blue eyes, big foreheads, and skinny long legs. In the middle of the city, stood a massive palace. “That” said Zorb “is the Gaga’s house ! He is our Leader ,or king as you would say on earth” answered Zorb . “Oh, like our Taoiseach” I said.

We walked to the big castle. Everywhere I looked aliens stared at us . “Why are they staring” I asked Zorb. “They have never seen a human in Toot Toe Tu, they have only heard legends and myths about you” said Zorb. When we reached the gate a funny voice said “password?” “Bleepbloopblopblahblahbop” said Zorb. I couldn’t help laughing ,he sounded like a machine and a cat meowing at the same time. The gates opened automatically and the palace looked magnificent. It had shiny smooth floors and lots of screens showing every part of the city. At the top of the room was the Gaga, who wore a long toga and a funny hat. He stared at me curiously. “A real live Human!” exclaimed the Gaga. “Her Planet has been infected by the evil virus aliens too Sir, they are trying to make a vaccine also” said Zorb. “Oh is this true?” asked the Gaga. But we were interrupted when a massive tv screen turned on. It was the head scientist, gleaming . “We have found the vaccine!!” he shouted “we can save the Universe”. Everyone in the city was celebrating, and Zorb and the Gaga danced around. “Can I take some home to earth?” I asked. “Of course” they said.

Just then I felt something move my leg saying “wake up, wake up!”……………………………………………………
I woke with a start. It was my Mom. “I never got to say thank you” I said. “Well you’re welcome” my Mom said suspiciously as she left me a snack.

Such disappointment, still no vaccine, no cure, and no school! But at least I had my snack and there’s always Harry Potter!!!!

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