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County Clare 2020: A Day in My Life
Creative Writing Competition for children and teenagers
Shortlisted 7 to 9 category

County Clare 2020: A Day in My Life
by Molly Reidy

My name is Molly Reidy. I am 7 years old.
I live in Kilmurry with my Mammy, Daddy, my two brothers and my sister. I am the second youngest in my family. I go to school in Kilmurry NS.

I get up at 9 am now that I’m not going to regular school. If I was going to school as normal I would be up at 7.30am. Sometimes I get up even earlier if I’m hungry. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day.

I let out my dog Polly. She is a schnauzer and she had five pups early this year. I loved looking after them and they were great fun to play with as well. We used to have a cat called Casper who I used to feed in the morning but she got hit by a car and died.

After breakfast I do my homework for 2 hours. I try to get all my homework done before Friday so that I can have a long weekend. My favourite part of homework is art and in my spare time I love creating new things and also painting, drawing and colouring.

I made a hamster run with a lot of things for the hamster to climb over. I had a hamster called Milly but sadly she died so I’m really getting ready for the next hamster that I get. Once we are back to normal I will be getting a hamster hopefully.

I made a bird table with Mammy so every two days I feed the birds on the bird table. I have seen so many birds and it is really nice to know that they are eating the food I give them. This is really important for them in the colder times of the year. I feed the birds and clean their water every day. I go outside every day. I like to play with my dog Polly.

I painted stones to put in our garden and it really makes the place looks nice.
I play on the trampoline.
I play tag most days.
I love to make cardboard houses.
I am an animal lover and would love to have loads of pets.
I love art for kids hub.

More About My Life
I play on the wii with Mammy, Daddy, Kate, Joe, Dan.
I do a lot of artwork. It is so much fun. I love working on the laptop. I like reading nice books. I like playing on the swing.
Last week we looked at the stars and drank hot choclate! We stayed up extra late.
At night I go to bed and I like to read.

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