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County Clare 2020: A Day in My Life
Creative Writing Competition for children and teenagers
10 to 12 category

County Clare 2020: A Day in My Life
by Seanie Connellan

Hi , my name is Seanie Connellan and I am 10 years old . I have been home since the 12th of March. This is a day in my life in lockdown.

I woke up this morning around half past eight. I made breakfast for everyone. I made pancakes and tea. It was very nice and the mess was not too bad. After getting dressed me and my brother Conor went upstairs to our lego room. We had so much fun today building a lego village. It looked really good until our little sister Sarah got in and broke it all again.

We go to the farm most days with Daddy. It is usually Daddy, Conor and me. Today we spent lots of time moving cow dung from outside the shed into the field. There was loads of it. We had to use our pitch forks to load up the dumper with dung. When we got to the field we drove in but the ground was very soft and we got stuck. The dumper weighs a tonne . We managed with Daddys good driving to get out again and unload the dung. We had four loads today so we were very busy. After that we had to move the cows out of the field they were eating grass in back to the shed. Daddy said we had to move them to keep that grass for baling . Daddy said it was time to go home for lunch. I was glad because I was starving.

We changed our smelly working clothes and had a lovely lunch of toasted sandwiches and tea. I practiced my hurling after lunch. My trainers send Daddy drills for me to do and Daddy records me on his phone. I hit the ball of the house and catch it really fast. If I miss I start giving out to myself in my head. I also practised my jab and roll lifting. I have to use both my good and my bad sides when I practice. I play in under 12s for Kilmaley. My brother is under 8 for Kilmaley. I love hurling most of all it is my favourite sport.

Me and Conor have great fun playing outside. Today Conor got the idea to set up a garda checkpoint for Mammy for when she came home. My Mammy is a nurse. We got all her flower pots and blocked off the driveway. We put on our high vis jackets and made garda identification badges. My brother was Sgt. Conor Connellan. Mammy thought we were gone bonkers when she got home. She got a fright and thought we were real Gaurds. Conor checked Mammys tyres, tax and insurance and asked her “What is the purpose of your journey today ? “. After that He asked Mammy to blow into the beer bag to check if she was all right to continue her journey. Lucky we did not have to arrest her.

I like cooking and since I have been at home Mammy is showing me how to cook. Today I made spaghetti bolognese. I did most of it myself Mammy helped when I needed to turn on the cooker. It was very tasty. I cooked garlic bread too.

After dinner we went up the forestry for a cycle. It was super fun. I am always in the front but sometimes Daddy passes me out. We found a frog today. It was cool. Sarah loved it. We also saw a pine martin he had a bushy tail. Mammy said a pine martin ate her hens when I was small.

The weather has been really good. I miss my friends but I can call them on face time. I cant wait to see my great Granny again. She is 97 years old and lives in Cahercalla. She is one tough old bird. I also miss my Grandad Frank he passed away 2 years ago and his anniversary is in a few days. Mammy said we cant go to Mass because of the virus but we will be able to go to his grave.

That is all for today time for tea, toast and bed.

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