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County Clare 2020: A Day in My Life
Creative Writing Competition for children and teenagers
Shortlisted 7 to 9 category

Clare 2020, A Day in My Life: The Day We Lost Our Puppy
by Elisa Kidney

For my birthday last year we got a new puppy Lexi – I live in Tulla with my mum and dad and my two sisters and I go to school in Feakle .... but now my school is in our kitchen.

We all love Lexi and play with her every day. Lexi is a rascal and my story is about last Wednesday when she was lost ..... not once but twice.

After home school we went for a cycle and when we got home Lexi was gone. We looked everywhere and called her name but we could not find her.

We were all upset and wanted to go to the neighbours and ask them had they seen her but mum said no as we must be careful because they are all staying at home and cannot go out so mum telephoned them and asked them to keep their eyes open in case she had gone into their gardens.

In the afternoon we were playing in the garden and my sister heard a quiet bark ... Lexi ..... but we could not find where she was until we got closer and closer and heard a noise from the shed.

While we were cycling Mum had been getting lunch from the freezer in the shed and Lexi sneaked in behind her. Mum locked the door and Lexi was stuck but she was happy because she knocked over and started eating all her nuts.

When we opened the door Lexi was happily sitting with nuts all over the floor. We were so happy but Dad said we must show Lexi she was bold and he put her into her pen.

After dinner we were playing hide and seek in the garden and I decided to hide behind Lexi’s kennel but she was not there. Oh no she had escaped again – she had made a hole in the fence of her pen.

We looked everywhere in the shed and around the garden but she was gone.

We did not really want to go to bed until Lexi came home but dad said we had to as it was late and he would go out with a torch and see could he find her. He said she would not be hungry since she ate so many nuts in the shed.

When I woke up I was still crying for Lexi but I then I heard her bark ... she was home. She had hidden in the trailer of the farmer beside us and he had driven the trailer home and when he opened it in the morning to put some cattle in Lexi was there and he dropped her back.

She was cold but she was home and we were all so happy that we went out to play with her before home school and homework.

Dad went and got a petsafe and we put it down and Lexi has not gone anywhere ... YET.

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