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County Clare 2020: A Day in My Life
Creative Writing Competition for children and teenagers
Shortlisted 7 to 9 category

Clare 2020, A Day in My Life
by Troy Kelly

I woke up from sleep and then I went downstairs. I told my friend Susan to make me a toasted bagel with cream cheese. Next I watched a bit of television.

After television I got dressed in my room. Once I was ready for the beach Susan Angie and I drove to the beach. When we got to the beach we dug a big hole in the sand with a shovel and our hands. Susan drew a flower using a pole in the sand. Next we put water in the hole. Then we dug a tunnel starting from the hole to the sea. We waited for the tide to come into the tunnel. Once it did the water went through the tunnel and down in the hole. The tide was coming in so we moved up onto the higher sand. Then there was barely any sand left so we had to go. As we were leaving Susan spotted something weird on the sand. She told me it was a sea gooseberry. She told me a fact about sea gooseberries. The fact was that they shine different colours underwater. It felt like a slimy slug. We put it in my bucket with water inside so it could live. When we looked at it in water we could see the insides easier. But out of water it was harder to see the insides. We spotted thousands of sea gooseberries so I collected some and then Susan found a spider crab claw. We walked back to the car and drove home.

Once we got home we ate some carrots and ranch Yum Yum. I did a bit of homework while waiting for my cousin. Once Ross came we went to sea field beach to let all the sea gooseberries into the sea. When we arrived I immediately let them be free by pouring them out of the bucket. The water was too cold so everyone else but me went into the sea. I played in the sand while everyone else played in the water. Then we drove home.

Once I got home I smashed the spider crab claw against a wall and it broke into two pieces. It was fun. I ate dinner and then I finished my homework.
I was tired so I went to bed.

Troy Kelly

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