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County Clare 2020: A Day in My Life
Creative Writing Competition for children and teenagers
10 to 12 category

County Clare 2020: A Day in My Life
by Dillon Brohan

I woke up with the birds singing a graceful tune coming from the slightly opened window. I jumped up out of bed and pressed my alarm clock. I looked outside my window to the busy city on a Monday morning. I could see all the vibrant coloured cars fly past my window, as planes were kind of outdated now, the sky was looking cleaner and happy. I crossed out another day on my 2050 calendar. I then ran into my pool for a quick bubble bath. The pool was nine metes long and the bubbles came pouring out. Then I jumped into the relaxing auto rock massage. The rocks really get my day started. I thought to myself, what would I do without them. My Robotic Butler and my dog came in to greet me, after I walked into my dryer machine which bursts out nice refreshing warm air.

We walked downstairs as I chat to my Butler. Charlie the Robot was built in 2030 and was programmed to look after me. Charlie the Butler then received realistic facial and body features that will transform his face every time he recharges in the kitchen or in the car. I swallowed my two tablets that give me as much energy as eating a full seven course breakfast which is why we don't need to spend money on food. Our robotic Butler comes into the Kitchen with a smile “ Well Master Flutherex, Good Morning isn't it, not one crash since 2022.” You say that every morning I told Charlie the Robot. “ Anyway did you the enjoy the documentary about robots through the ages. “Yes it was very interesting how robots had absolutely no emotions back then and all look weird,” I told him to his dark blue eyes. I going for a jog.

I walked over to the treadmill 250 and put on my VR Helmet and nose goggles. I could smell the luxurious flowers and I can see the squirrels sleeping in their cute little hole in the oak tree with its curling branches and overgrown grass underneath it . While I jogged on the treadmill all I could think about was my parents. If they would even come home tonight. I thought about all the fighting that is happening over in England in the war. World War 3 has affected a lot of families but it has sustained all of it money somehow. The war has been going on for five years now and its looks like its coming to a close after America set off the destruction bomb as everyone calls it and blown up half the world. Earth has been affected dramatically as the cloud has nearly reached us in Ireland and has started all the way over on the other side of the world. Five hundred million dead. Nearly all of Europe survived as Australia was cut in half. Everyone is scared but I try not to think about it.

I walked downstairs to see that Charlie’s face is as bright as the sun, he drops the newspaper on the floor in shock and then he starts cheering. I pick up the newspaper and it says The War of Destruction is over. I start screaming as I see fireworks in the sky. The Jet pack club famous for their stunts fly by, Clare looks like a Zoo, people dancing on the street. I run the people running with hurleys and footballs. The Sky is like the Northern lights. I ran to my car and put it on Auto drive. On we look over the streets as may people cheer. All the lights begin to come on. Everyone is at an all time high. I search cheering Army soldiers. I see two people one has brown hair, green eyes and a bright smile because her is a man with short hair and a jet fighter suit on, I jumped into their arms, they look at me and started to cry.

Great, everyone is in a good mood. A day in my life is filled excitement worry and a lot of fun. After months to year to depression and sorry, Its finally looking up to a new day in my life.

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