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County Clare 2020: A Day in My Life
Creative Writing Competition for children and teenagers
Shortlisted 7 to 9 category

County Clare 2020: A Day in My Life
by Ryan P Nolan

I got up at 8.30 which was a lie in for me. If I had to go to school I would of got up an hour earlier. I went downstairs and Mam and Dad made me and my sister our breakfast. We all have breakfast together now every morning as no one has to go out of the house for work.

I get to go to the farm with my dad while my sister is at home doing homework. We went to count the cattle then we found a new baby calf he was black and white since his head was mainly white we called him Whitey we brought him up to the yard we put him and his mother in with the other cows and calf’s. We have about 50 calves now and a few more to come. Myself and my sister have names for all of them now. Dad has rented a digger for a few days it is due to arrive this morning. He is going to clean up some drains and bushes from the fields. We go back home after feeding the cattle and cleaning the yards. It’s my turn now to do the dreaded schoolwork with mam. I wish I could go back to school as my teacher is much better at doing the work than my mam and she shouts less.

After what feels like ten hours I eventually get all my school work done. Mam only shouted at me about 20 times today I must be getting better. The digger has arrived and I get to have a go at driving it with my dad he lets me move the leavers for him. We spent the afternoon clearing up the drains. When we got home mam had sausages and rashers with beans ready for our dinner. This is my favourite dinner. After dinner we got brownies and ice cream as a treat for being so good. Once every one had finished desert we cleaned up the kitchen. We then went up to see whitey the calf to check that he had feed from his mum and that both of them were well.

We went home and got ready to go for a walk around our local pond. We are lucky to live across the road from a pond with a big walkway all around it. We saw a frog some frogspawn and tadpoles and we also saw baby swans. It was then time to go home. We still were not tired after our long walk so we decided to play a hurling match. I was on Dads team and my sister Cara was on Mams team. My team was four points away from winning dad got the ball he hit it out into the field we looked for it for around a half an hour eventually I find the ball I hit it at the goal and I scored. Mam hit it but dad saved it. It was down to the last shot if we scored we win dad shot he scored! We won.

It was getting so we went back inside. We put on a movie and we all sat down to watch it yogether. It was about a dragon and a little boy living in the forest. We all enjoyed it, there are some good thing about Covid 19 normally we wouldn’t get to watch a movie during the week we would always be in bed early because we would have to go to school. Now we get to stay up later during the week and some nights we watch movies together. It is also nice to have mam and dad at home every day. There are some bad things about Covid 19 too I miss meeting my friends every day. I only get to talk to them now when we are playing Fortnite together. I also miss soccer and hurling training a lot.

I can’t wait for when we get to go back out and we can go to Mc Donalds and go out for ice cream. I hope that this can happen sometime soon.

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