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County Clare 2020: A Day in My Life
Creative Writing Competition for children and teenagers
Winner of 7 to 9 category

County Clare 2020: A Day in the Life Of Danny Lockdown
by Daniel Murphy

Wednesday 29 April

8.30 a.m.

Ugh. My name is Danny Lockdown and I really should be getting up by now, and I would have gotten up already but Coronavirus has changed all that. I know what you’re thinking. That’s great! You can get up late. Nope. It’s a whole lot bigger than that.
Coronavirus means I can’t go to school (Yes!!!) but also means I have to do two hours of homework and that sucks beyond many things. “Danny!! Get up now!” and that was my mum telling me to get up. (Yawn…)

9.10 a.m.

I came downstairs in my dressing gown and yes... Homework is waiting for me.
My Teacher Mrs Jones has been sending me work via e-mail. Ok well, I’m only in 3rd class so at least I don’t get as much as Ava, my sister. She’s in 5th class!!!

So after a trillion hours I have done the following Homework.

✔ English: Done
✔ Maths: Done
✔ Irish: Done
✔SPHE: Done
X Comprehension: Not Done

11.15 a.m.

At 11.00 a.m. The RTÉ Home School Hub program starts.
The reason I start watching at 11.15 a.m. is because the first lesson is more for younger children.
Since we’re all at home, RTÉ and some teachers from Dublin do a program like you’re almost in school.
There are 4 Teachers and their names are Múinteoir Clíona, Múinteoir Ray, Múinteoir John and Phil the Scientist.
I love this program because it never gets boring and they do lots of interesting subjects like why we have “Dream-catchers” and how to remember all the counties of Ireland and much more.

12.20 p.m.

I showered and got dressed and then I finished the homework I had not completed.
After Lunch (Normally half past one) I do some guitar practice. Because of the coronavirus I have been able to practice much more music. My mum found out that Fender, a guitar company were doing free online classes for one million people if we got a special code and we got it!!! After these weird times I will be a music pro!!!

3.00 p.m.

Since its Wednesday, I have an online music class with my fiddle teacher Mr Walsh. It’s quite a quiet class, for two reasons. Number 1. He scares the life out of us. And Number 2. He has muted all of us until it’s our 60 seconds to play.

4.00 p.m.(Ish)

Now Ladies and Gentlemen, the moment I have been waiting for all day.
The Social Paragraph!!!!
Since the coronavirus, I have not been able to meet up with my friends. So now we now do our socialising via Zoom.
Zoom is a social media app but you can “Do a meeting” for up to 100 people. I love chatting with my friends on Zoom because it’s actually not much talking. It’s more messing around and just seeing each other. We always play around with the Zoom settings and renaming each other and so on.
The lack of social interaction can be really hard for some people (Like my sister) and for some people (Like Me) they don’t find it too hard (If they have Zoom of course).


I am allowed with my tablet and play Minecraft for two hours or so with my friends.


Straight after dinner we watched a movie (Fantastic Beasts and where to find them). The movie is set before the Harry Potter Series. I found the movie very interesting. I loved it because I got to see the wands and the flashing and all of the other things in the wizarding world of Harry Potter.


Normally at this time when I’m in bed I think about the coronavirus. When will I be able to see my friends? Go back to school? When will I visit my Grandma? When will these crazy times even end? Does anyone know the answer?

Over and out! Goodnight from Danny Lockdown.

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