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Top of the Web Online Survey

About the Survey:
The European Commission is benchmarking the quality and use of 20 public e-services delivered by more than 5.000 e-service providers from the Member States, Iceland and Norway. Clare County Library has been selected to be part of the European Commission's benchmarking called "Top of The Web".

Why Clare County Library:
As a point of departure for Top of The Web's benchmarking, Top of The Web has used a list of relevant web addresses (URL's) provided by the European Commission. This list is based on the records of participants in a previous survey on electronic public services conducted by Cap Gemini Ernst & Young in 2001 and followed up in 2002.
The list of URL's provided by the European Commission (via Cap Gemini Ernst & Young) is based on a list of 20 basic public services that has been agreed on by the Member States.

The e-service providers and webmasters providing the 20 selected e-services are all invited to participate in the survey. The e-services are spread over 9000 websites, but the number of webmasters is smaller, as some of the websites have the same webmaster.

Top of The Web has made a list of all invitees stating the name and country of each invited e-service provider as well as the e-services on the basis of which each is invited.
Our website also provides a frequently revised list of registered participants. This list gives more detailed information on each of the e-service providers who have so far entered Top of The Web's benchmarking.

This benchmarking initiative, called Top of The Web, is being conducted by PLS RAMBOLL Management A/S, Denmark and EWORX S.A., Greece as a part of the European Union's e-Government Action Plan. The project is financed by the European Commission.