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The History and Topography of the County of Clare by James Frost

Part II. History of Thomond

Chapter 13. History of Thomond before it was formed into an English county: From the Death of De Clare in 1318 to the Formation of Thomond into an English County in 1580

  1. Power of the MacNamaras in the Eastern parts of Thomond; Number of their castles in 1578; Successive kings of Thomond; Brian-Catha-an-Aonaigh fights a battle at Manister, near Croom, and gains the victory
  2. Teige-an-Chomhaid invades Limerick, and imposes a tax on the inhabitants; He dies at his castle on the lake of Inchiquin; Conor-na-srona defeats the Earl of Kildare at Ballyhickey
  3. Turlogh Donn defeats the Earl of Kildare near Limerick; His death
  4. [Turlogh Donn] Is succeeded by his son Conor, from the sons of whom were descended the Earls of Thomond and Inchiquin; Conor, the last O’Brien who ruled as King of Thomond; His death
  5. Murrogh the Tanist succeeds, and surrenders his kingly title, receiving from the English instead an Earldom and the ownership, in fee simple, of all his lands; MacNamara and O’Grady also surrendered their ancient claims and titles
  6. Law of primogeniture introduced and resistance to this innovation; Fury of the people on being deprived of the right of ownership of their lands
  7. Death of Donogh, second Earl, and appointment by the people to the chieftaincy of Thomond of his half brother Donald
  8. Conor O’Brien, third Earl, supported by the English, drives out Donald, and promises obedience to English laws
  9. Repents of his promise, and attacks the Queen’s President of the Province of Connaught; Ormond comes to chastise his duplicity; He flies to France; From thence he appeals to Elizabeth for pardon; is received into favour, and invited to the Court of England
  10. Sir Henry Sidney, Lord Deputy, visits Thomond; Sir William Drury, Lord President of Munster, holds an assizes at Ennis; Death of Conor O’Brien



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